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Established as a public green space in 1992, Tuscaloosa’s Capitol Park is steeped in history.

The stone ruins harken back to the capitol building that was built in 1826 when Tuscaloosa was named Alabama’s third capital. After the state capital was moved to Montgomery in 1874, the building was deeded to the University of Alabama which used it for educational purposes. In 1857, the building was leased by the University to the Alabama Central Female College until the building was destroyed by fire in 1923. The site was later cleared but remained unused for almost 70 years.

Following an archeological excavation that began in 1989 to expose the outline of the capitol, today’s Capitol Park is a beautiful piece of nature in the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa. Its close proximity to 2700 Capitol Park adds to the unique lifestyle that cannot be found at any other loft apartment community in this area.

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